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"a poet of both truth and beauty"

from The Lantern Cage


On the Koi-ness of Time


Since it has come,

this moment,

finning to the surface


of a mooned lake,

we are responsible to it

and to every puzzled scale


in its lucent being.

Only through the weave

of its complicated skin


can we rise

to the balance

of our own breathing.


Since it has come,

this synchronicity of light

and air, we must


bend to it,

before the wrist twitches

and the line snaps.

The poems in my third collection share a fascination with the mysteries that underlie our everyday existence – that "other world" we sense in the "undeciphered sands" shifting at our feet. By turns lyrical and philosophical, elegiac and playful, The Lantern Cage is a book located on the margins of vision, where the invisible calculations of being remain unsolvable – a realm whose secrets are kept "under lough and quay".

Book no.4
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